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Vari Load

You know the szenario: you have installed the new beautful led flashers in your bike and now you have trouble with the flasher speed cause the new led lights have a much lower power consumption compare to the old bulbs, leading in faster flashes or any kind of other trouble with your ecu in your bike. However You can buy and try different load equalizer for your bike until you have spend much time and money and have found the right load equalizer for your bike.

The basic idea came from a smart employer from Louis: The solution is a digital adjustable load - equalizer with 50 different presets. The Vari Load is connected to your flashers. The load is adjustable via a simple "programming" cable.

The load is simple adustable by touching and holding the blue cable to + 12 Volt or ground. A touch and hold to + 12 Volt increases the load up to 10 Watt. Touching and holding the blue cable to ground result in a decrease of the load down to 0 Watt. A flashing led indicates the change of the load and the preset number. The led is permanent on if the minimum or maximum value is reach and switches off when you remove the blue cable and the adjusted value is stored in the Vari Load as preset. The time between the lowest load value and the maximum load value is about 20 seconds.

By the way, the Vari Load is a cool tool for your workshop as well and belongs in every toolbox. You can adjust the required load value with the Vari Load at a customer bike and implement standard resistors against the Vari Load after you have figure out the right value. A printed table with the required resistors is in the manual.

Just feel free to download the manual for further infos.

UVP: 96,-

56 mm x 37 mm x 17 mm body plus fixing points
Body material:
abs, 2k potted, water resist
0,14 qmm for input, 0,75 qmm for power output
Adjustable load range:
between about 2 x 1 Watt and 2 x  10 Watt in 0,2 Watt steps
Maximum temperature:
90 degree Celsius
Input voltage range:
8 - 15 Volt