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Miniature push buttons/switches

We have frequently inquires from customers, who ask for push buttons and switches , what are small, reliable and affortable for bike applications. That´s why we have searched and compared some different push buttons. We think, we found a few devices what fit good to the requirements in bike applications.

These stainless steel buttons have bothe an 8 mm thread, what make them to your first choice if you want to set up an almost unvisible solution at your bike in combination with one of our electronic boxes.

The B1-8 push button is very small and fit direct in the most handle bars. The button of the B2-8 switch appear a few millimeter higher than the ring, what make the use with gloves easy.

UVP B1-8: 9,- Euro,  B2-8: 10,50 Euro

Overall dimensions B1-8:
20 mm x 12 mm
Overall dimensions B2-8:
22 mm x 11 mm
Rear side dimension B1-8:
15 mm include solder contacts
Rear side dimension B2-8:
19 mm include solder contacts
Thread diameter:
8 mm
Maximum temperature:
80 degree Celsius
Maximum current:
0,5 Ampere
Case material: 
Stainless steel with plastic insert