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This new RFID module have a much smaller power consumption in standby mode compare to other RFID devices without sucking the battery power what make it to the first choice for bikes what are not moved every day on the street. Two power switches for Ignition and Startrelay (up to 20 Ampere) are integrated, what makes the installation clean and easy without the need of additional parts.

The easy RFID works with only one button. One press on the start button will activate the transponder module what looks for an electronic key (tag). The module will activate the ignition output if a identified tag is beside of the module. One more press on the button will activate the starter relais. The starter relay output is on as long as the button is pressed. The ignition and the Easy RFID module switch off if the start button is pressed again for a time below 1/4 second. The module have a teach in function what allow to use different standard keys (125 kHz, EM4001) in combination with this device. Just connect the green cable to ground and bring your tag in the area above the Easy RFID. The build in led will flash 3 times or 4 times what indicate that the Easy RFID module knows and accept the tag for the bike. However, the Easy RFID can learn the id of 2 different tags. So, a lost tag should not be a challenge anymore. The maximum reading distance is about 2 cm, depending of the antenna dimensions of the used key and the mounted position.

Just feel free to download the installation manual (pdf) for further infos.


UVP: 148,-

50 mm x 50 mm x 15 mm
Body material:
abs, 2k potted, water resist
Case Color:
0,14 qmm for input, 1,5 qmm for power output
Power consumption in standby:
Below 30 uA
Maximum range of tag:
2 cm, depending of the tag and the  mounting position.
Maximum temperature:
60 degree Celsius
Input voltage range:
9 - 15 Volt
Maximum output current:
20 Ampere ignition, 20 Ampere for starter solenoid