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Rear Light US

The Rear Light US is a microcontroller based solution what converts the three signals from the direction indicators and the brake light in two separate outputs for brake light / rear light and indicators..

Almost every bike what runs in US have a brake light / indicator combination in the way, that 2 lamps works as brake light and as indicator as well. This makes a conversion of an imported bike from Europe according to the requirements in the US a bit tricky and cost intensive due to some additional wiring and workshop time. A conversion of an EU bike according to the requirements in the US is much easier and less cost intensive with the Rear Light US.

Rear Light US

Manual (pdf)

UVP: 128,-

40 mm  x 25 mm x 12,5 mm
20 cm cables
Max. output power:
21 Watt per output
Maximum temperature:
70 degree Celsius
Input voltage range:
6 - 20 Volt


Rear Light US