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Elektronikbox Version H

Size does matter ! This is the smallest electronicbox on the market. The box is able to control the main electrical functions of your motorcycle from a central location. The Electronicbox provides the following functions:

- Light control with switch and push button possible
- Flasher control with switch and push button possible
- emergency flash function
- 2 x flashes when ignition on
- comfort flasher function
- Control of horn
- Control of starter relais


Due to a micro controller, you can use thin cable from the control box to the handlebars. This simplifies the wiring for laying cable in the handlebars. The flashing speed is about 90 cycles / minute and will not change if you use LED lights. A comfort flasher function can be activated and will turn off the turn signal automatically after 20 x or 40 x if no button is be pressed in the meanwhile. When using buttons you can activate an emergency flash function whith simultaneously pressing the flashing buttons (for example, press and hold the left, right, press and hold the left release) This function will be stopped by pressing a button. A short warning flasher function (2x) can be activated when you turn on the ignition.

The most functions can be changed without problems from the user. Just hold the horn button while switching on the 12V and the box is in the programm mode after release the button. A short flash will indicate this status. You can change the function with pressing the left or right indicator button. You change to the next programm mode with an additional press on the hornbutton. the indicators will flach 2 times in order to show you the status. The following options are possible:

Blinkanzahl Modus Taster Links Taster Rechts Beschreibung
1 x Showflasher Off
2 x flashes, when ignition on
2 x Flasher Auto off
Flasher switches off after 20 or 40 flashes
3 x Number of flashes
20 x 40 x ...any questions ;-)
4 x Low Light
Flashers glow with 25 % if no button is be pressed.
5 x Head light switch or button
Push button
Button - or switch mode for head light
6 x
Flasher control by switch or push button
Flasher switch
Push button
You can use a switch or button for the flashers
7 x
Start modus
The head light is not affected
The head light is off when the starter is on
All lamps can be switched off, when starting the engine
8 x
Head light is off, when ignition is switched on
Head light off
Head light on
The head light is be switched on when pressing the "light" button

The functions are be written in the E-Eprom and can be changed to every time. Please note that you need to switch off the box for minimum 10 seconds in order to discharge the internal capacitors before you can change the settings again.

UVP: 153,-

40 mm length x 12,5 mm wide x 25 mm height
Body material:
shock resistant ABS plastic, waterresist potted
Case Color:
0,5 qmm for input, 1 qmm for power output
Power consumption in operation:
7 mA
Maximum temperature:
100 degree Celsius
Maximum output current:
5 Ampere, 3 Ampere for horn output
Input voltage range:
7 - 16 Volt
Maximum current of the 12V ignition connector:
15 Ampere

Manual page 1 (click on pic. below)
Manual page 2 (click on pic. below)