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Elektronikbox Version G with handle bar adapter

The G-Box is available with 1 handle bar adaptor (G), or with 2 handle bar adaptors (G2). It controlls the main electrical functions with push buttons on your motorcycle from a central location. The Electronicbox provides the following functions:
- Lightcontrol with switch and pushbutton possible
- Lightcontrol
- Control of flasher
- emergency flash function
- 2 x flashes when ignition on
- flasher function with automatic off
- Control of horn
- Control of starter relais
- control of engine stop function possible with 1 or 2 buttons
- Brake light control
- control from neutral - and stand switch possible.
- 8 Status led´s on the cable side for an easy and fast wiring check.

The handle bar adaptor(s) is/are connected to the push buttons and only one thin cable is the connection between handle bar adaptor and box. This reduces the amount of cables in the bike.



Manual (pdf) in text form, infos more in detail

Manual (pdf) in image form, good for implement it in the bike

Here is a small video, how you can set the options:

UVP: G-Box 215,- , G2-Box 246,-

Box 50 mm x 42 mm x 12 mm, Adaptor 24 mm x 10 mm x 8 mm
Body material:
Polycarbonat, waterproof potted with epoxy resin
Case Color:
0,5 qmm for input, 1 qmm for power output
Power consumption in operation:
20 mA due to the implemented led
Maximum current per output:
5 Ampere for head light. 3 Ampere for other outputs
Maximum temperature:
100 degree Celsius
Input voltage range:
6 - 18 Volt
Maximum current of the 12V ignition connector:
20 Ampere