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Elektronicbox version D

This electronic box version D controlls the main functions of your motorbike in combinations with push buttons. The following options are possible:

- Flasher control with button or a switch

- Auto flasher off function, emergency flasher, "Low Light" dim modus adjustable

- Control of low - and high beam possible with 2 buttons or a switch

- Control of starter relay and motor off with 1 or 2 buttons

- Control of the horn

- Brake light control or user programmable dim function of the rear light.

- 8 status led´s at the outputs give a visible response of the power outputs.

The power outputs are short circuit protected with an implemented self reset function. Here is a small schematic of the D-Box


The several functions are user programmable and can be changed at every time. Just press the horn button while switching on the power to the D-Box and your are in the "program" mode. A one time emergancy flash will indicate the program mode. A press on the right or left indicator button will switch on or off a small showflasher function. A press on the horn button will switch to the second program option. So, you can easily program your own setting with 8 steps. For further infos, just feel free to take a look to the manual.

Manual (pdf) in text form, infos more in detail

Manual (pdf) in image form, good for implement it in the bike

Here is a small video, how you can set the options: https://youtu.be/i6eFb2FO4dk

UVP: 182,-

Dimensions: 50 mm x 42 mm x 12 mm
Power consumption: Control part max. 7 mA
Box: Polycarbonat, pottet with Epoxyd 2k material, watterresist ABS, Odopal
Main voltages: 6 - 18 Volt
Connections: Control side 0,5mm², power side 1 mm², about 20 cm cables
Max. output current:
5 Ampere per output, 3 Ampere for horn output
Max. temperature range: 100 Grad Celsius
Max. main current: 20 Ampere, short circuit protected.