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Automatic Daytime running light switch

This electronic relay contains 2 power outputs what can drive 60 Watt / each. A daylight sensor detect if the ambience light is dark or bright and the device switch between daytime running light and low beam, depending of the ambience light. The switch time from daytime running light to low beam is immediately for situations when you ride from a bright place in a darker place. The switch time from low beam to daytime running light is adjusted to 3 seconds in order to get the the light sensitivity down against light reflections. You can adjust and store the trigger value of the ambience light in 60 steps.

UVP: 65,-

38 mm x 16 mm x 11 mm
Body material:
abs, Odopal potted, water resistent
4,1 mm ldr  cell, front surface encapsulated against moisture
0,22 qmm for input, 1 qmm for power output
Power consumption in operation:
7 mA logicpart
Maximum temperature:
 80 degree Celsius
Input voltage range:
7 - 18 Volt
Maximum output power:
2 x 60 Watt, short circuit protected

The device:
Daytime running light switch
The schema:
Daytime running light switch