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Digital harness version C

All electronic boxes on the market reduce the amount of required cables on a bike. They make installations simpler and fault finding easier. However, it´s surprising how much wiring remains on the bike, what result in a typical installation time between 10 and 20 hours. That´s why we started the new development together with "Cafe Racer Kits" in UK.

The digital harness C (C stands for Communication...) for the bike control via push buttons is an universal harness, what contain 2 small control boxes and one or two handle bar adaptors. The control boxes "talk" together via a thin serial bus cable. The power cables are wired direct from the nearest box. This reduces the amount of cables and the installation time significant in a typical bike installation.

Here is a small video from Cafe Racer Kits:

Schematic (click it for zoom):

C Box Harness

Manual (pdf) in text form, infos more in detail

Manual (pdf) in image form, good for implement it in the bike

Here is a small video, how you can set the options:

UVP: 355,- with one handle bar adaptor, 386,- with 2 handle bar adaptors

Handle bar unit: 40 mm length x 12,5 mm wide x 25 mm height
Frame unit: 50 mm x 42 mm x 12 mm, Handle bar adaptor 24 mm x 10 mm x 8 mm
Body material:
shock resistant ABS plastic, waterresist potted
Case Color:
0,1 qmm for inputs, 1 qmm for power outputs, 20 cm length
Power consumption in operation:
14 mA
Maximum temperature:
80 degree Celsius
Maximum output current:
5 Ampere for head light, 3 Ampere for all other outputs
Input voltage range:
7 - 18 Volt
Maximum current of the 12V ignition connector:
20 Ampere

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