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Bike Remote 1

This is our new ignition lock. It is a small bluetooth controlled switch module controlled by a smart phone app. You can switch on the ignition and other functions of your bike via your smart phone after selecting a 4 - pin code. The distance is about 10 m, depending of the installed position. Just feel free to download the Android app here and install it at your phone. Please note that this app will control your bluetooth connections, when active.

Bike RC1

Installation (pdf)

UVP 129,- Euro

Dimensions control unit:
50 mm x 42 mm x 12 mm
Power consumption
About 12 mA
Control unit ABS, display ABS
Input voltage range:
8 - 16 Volt
20 cm
Max. output current:
20 Ampere
About 10 m, depending of the installed position.
Software requirements:
Android operation system