Axel Joost Elektronik

Elektronikbox Version B

The B-Box is our response from some clients, who prefer an easy mechanical implementation of the control box in a bike and who don´t take care about a bit bigger size compare to our other devices. The B-Box can be controlled via an external RFID antenna as keyless go device or with the standard ignition switch. An optional bluetooth module allow the complete control of your bike via your smart phone. You can download the Android app from this page. 8 implemented status led´s allow a fast check while the installation or the adjustment of the different functions. A 20 Ampere inline fuse in the main line is integrated. However, the outputs are short circuit protected and self resetting. You can control the following functions with the box:

- Ignition (with or without side stand switch control)
- Starter (with or without neutral switch control)
- Headlight with button or switch control
- Direction indicators with buttons or switches
- Brake light with or without dim option
- Horn

Botton side with metal sleeve                         Bluetooth module                            RFID antenna
B-Box                  Bluetooth module                 Antenne


Here is a small video, how to set the options:
Just feel free to download the Manual (pdf) for further infos.
Here you can download the free Android App "B-Box Remote".

UVP B-Box: 209,-   Bluetooth module: 58,-   RFID module: 83,-

92 mm x 50 mm x 36 mm include connector terminals
Body material:
shock resistant ABS plastic, waterresist potted
Case Color:
Main connections:
2,5 qmm
Power consumption in standby:
About 0,2 mA
Maximum temperature:
80 degree Celsius
Maximum output current:
5 Ampere Head light, 3 Ampere for other outputs
Input voltage range:
7 - 18 Volt
Maximum current of the 12V ignition connector:   
20 Ampere