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Air Ride Control

This Air Ride memory unit save and recall the pump up time and the valve open time. It allow the user to save and recall individual heights of your bike. The 2 outputs can drive loads with a power of up to 350 Watt peak and 200 Watt continous. The individual height can set and store via the following procedure:

- Wire the blue cable to ground             

- Press the button until you got your required position.

- Release the button and press it again until the bike is in the lowest position.

- Remove the blue cable from ground. That´s it :-)

A press at the button will recall the stored position. A further press releases the air until the damper are empty. You can control the pump and valves by hand if you still hold the button after you have reach the adjusted time. Of course, the accuracy changes a bit if the complete weight of the bike will change. However, the number of steaks while the parking time will not change the accuracy anyway ;-)

By the way, the device can be use as normal high current button relay. Just wire the green cable against ground and the air ride function is switched off and the devce works as high current relay what is button controlled and can be use as high power head light relay for additional lamps.

Manual (pdf)

Air ride control

UVP: 114,-

40 mm  x 25 mm x 12,5 mm
20 cm cables
Max. output power:
200 Watt continuous, 350 Watt peak / output
Maximum temperature:
70 degree Celsius
Input voltage range:
6 - 20 Volt


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