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Coming soon: Universal digital harness for cars

We had several inquires from car technicians after the presentation of the digital harness Version C for bikes. They wish an universal digital harness with a data line in the same way like the C-Harness. The E-Harness contain a dashboard control unit and  2 power modules what can be configured for the front side or the rear side of a car via  the setting of a dip switch or a cable bridge. The power cables are wired direct from the nearest box. This reduces the amount of cables (far more than 100m !) and the installation time significant in a typical car installation.

We are still in the test phase (2.2019)

Schematic (click it for zoom):


Manual (pdf) in text form, infos more in detail

UVP: 465,- Euro

Control module: 100 mm length x 50 mm wide x 45 mm height
Power module: 85 mm x 50 mm x 45 mm
Body material:
ABS plastic, water resist potted
Case Color:
recommended cables:
0,14 qmm for inputs, 1,5 qmm for power outputs
Power consumption in operation:
20 mA, outputs off
Maximum temperature:
80 degree Celsius
Maximum output current:
40 Ampere for control module, 2 x 20 Ampere for power modules
Input voltage range:
7 - 18 Volt
Maximum input current
40 Ampere

These are the dashboard module and the power modules:

Digital universal harness for cars
These are the connection positions of the modules: