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Lunch Box Adapter for BMW K models

The Lunchbox - Adapter allow the connection of different new speedos on the old harness connector what was connected to the old BMW speedo in older K models. The adapter makes the conversion of the old harness signals to a modern speedo easy. 10 output cables allow to indicate all necessary signals. The neutral signal is now compatible to modern speedos and the virtual load for the alternator is implemented as well.

Update 18.12.2018: The fuel reserve indication is integrated for all models before 1985. We have turned the con 13-24 for a better cable guide

Update 26.3.19: Some speedos and tachs work not well in combination with the BDA. the original tach signal is very weak and can not be read from many speedometers and the tach signal is overlapped with some spikes what make it difficult for some tachs to identfy the correct rpm sgnal.  We work on it. Just feel free to use the standard sensors for it in the meanwhile.

Original connector describtion (pdf)

UVP: 114,-

51 mm x 51 mm x 15 mm w/o connectors
Body material:
abs, 2k potted, water resist
JST 12 pin inputs, 0,14 qmm output to Speedo
Maximum temperature:
90 degree Celsius
Input voltage range:
8 - 15 Volt